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snapshots in prose

Photofiction : snapshots in prose
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In the beginning, there was a meme. And verily, it did circulate upon the intranets and find its way to several different LiveJournals. And it ran thusly:

Give me a character or pairing (that I'm familiar with) and a word, and I will write you one line of fic here.

At some point, this meme came to find its way into the hands of a few people who had no time on said hands. They made far, far too many of these little one line fics (even though, in the case, at least, of one of the girls, it was more a case of TWENTY LINE FICS) and decided that they were pretty and frozen moments, like snapshots, and, also like snapshots, needed to be scrapbooked.

Thus, was Photofiction born.


So, cheries, the idea is this : You get a character, or pairing, or grouping (say, Harry Potter; Harry/Ginny; the Marauders) and a keyword. Then you find a moment with them, and take a picture.

Then you post it here and we go ooh, pretty.

And that's all there is to it.

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