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18 October 2007 @ 07:16 pm
Sagramore/Gaheris, flutter
Gaheris' heart flutters, his hands are hesitant. Sagramore draws him into a practised kiss, and tells himself not to make comparisons.

"Look, you ass," Sagramore says quite gently, when they've struggled to an impasse, "you needn't take it out on me," and Agravain, scowling up at him, recognizes the quiet, disappointed hurt in his eyes. He twists against the hand that holds him, and Sagramore presses against him, and for a little while both of them are more than second best.

"I had a son once," the young man says, and there's an old, old pain in his clouded eyes. Luther rests a hand on his thin shoulder, asking no questions.

Sometimes he cries out in his sleep, lady, my lady, no, and Rosana is angry on his behalf, and kisses him roughly awake.